Open Source

This page lists some of the open source packages and repositories I have published or contribute to.

Most of them are published under my company 47ng.


My tech stack of choice is Next.js and Chakra UI.

Next.js makes it super easy to build static or dynamic webapps, depending on what is needed.

Chakra UI offers accessibility out of the box with great default styles, that are easy to override thanks to the styled-system approach.


Opinionated design system for React, based on Chakra UI + Next.js, written in TypeScript


I like to use Fastify to build backend services in Node.js.

What I like about it:


Opinionated Node.js microservices framework built on fastify ⚡️


Run cron jobs alongside your Fastify server 👷


GitHub Action to deploy to Clever Cloud.

  • MIT

Security & Encryption#


Secure cryptographic key storage in the browser and Node.js

I wrote an article about how I came to build session-keystore:

How To Store End-to-End Encryption Keys In The Browser

December 13, 2019

End-to-end encrypted applications use cryptographic keys that don't leave the client, so how do we store them securely in the browser ?


Serialized AES-GCM 256 encryption, decryption and key management in the browser & Node.js

Environment Variables#

The Twelve Factor App model uses environment variables extensively for configuration and passing runtime data to a web app.

However, there are things to look out for when working with environment variables, so I built a few packages to make their management easier and more secure:


Redact values of critical environment variables in a string


Define aliases for environment variables and bind them at runtime


Check that required environment variables are set for your app


Arduino MIDI Library

My longest-running open-source project: MIDI for Arduino.

I learned programming in C++ in 2008 with this project and discovered my passion for open-source software.

  • 800
  • v5.0
  • MIT


Universal conversion of Uint8Array from/into UTF-8, base64url and hex in the browser and Node.js


The source code for this website! Made with Next.js, ChakraUI and MDX.

  • MIT