Hi, I'm François Best

I am a developer, an open source lover and a writer from France.

This is my digital garden, where I write about the things I'm working on and share what I've learned.

Representing SHA-256 Hashes As Avatars

18 April 2021

How to turn 256 bits of entropy into a beautiful, avatar-friendly circular SVG: the Hashvatar

The Security of GitHub Actions

24 February 2020

GitHub Actions are a great way to build powerful customised CI/CD workflows using the power of community-driven resources, but they can be tricky to get right in terms of security.

Password Reset for End-to-End Encrypted Applications

15 February 2020

We forget passwords. Usually it's OK, because most websites implement a password reset feature. But how to do this in end-to-end encrypted applications that don't have access to the password in the first place ?
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I usually go for the web platform when building out projects, for myself and my clients. My weapons of choice are React, TypeScript, Node.js and Next.js.

Here are some of the major personal projects I've worked on:

Read more about my open source work.

About Me#

Grenoble, France, seen from the Bastille fort, looking south-west.

I live in Grenoble, in the French Alps, with my wife and our son.

My hobbies vary a lot based on my current interests, but playing music (piano/synths & guitar) is always a constant. I'm currently learning woodworking to build toys for my son, and take sunrise hikes to enjoy the surrounding mountains.

I also love cycling, both for transportation and tourism. With my friends, I've toured across 7 countries on my bike, along the French Atlantic coast, in the Alps and in the Balkans:

We rode 1010km, 11697m of elevation, for 65+ hours, across Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

This is a screenshot of a progressive web app I made for us to track our journeys, it's called Stravels and allowed us to stitch together our Strava activities onto a map.




2018 - present

I'm doing freelance software development for startups, businesses and public institutions:

  • Heron

    Bootstrapping the MVP of a compensation market analysis app for a young international startup.
  • Reporting dashboard & analytics for a micro-nutrition IoT device.
  • A French startup helping real-estate buyers and sellers meet.
    Meteor.jsStyled-ComponentsWeb Design
  • Embedded UI for Digigram's Iqoya Talk, a mobile broadcast recording studio.
    C++QtQMLEmbedded LinuxUI Design
  • I built a Next.js webapp for an economics experiment ran by my wife's team.

Slate Digital

2011 - 2018

I wore many hats when working at Slate Digital, from C++ programming for real-time pro audio applications to DSP algorithm design and tooling in Python and Ruby.

C++PythonRubyDigital Signal ProcessingAlgorithm DesignReal-Time Audio

I helped design the MiniBrute analog synthesizer when I was an intern at Arturia. It was my first professional experience and a lot of fun.

I had the privilege of working with a great team led by Yves Usson, from whom I had learned analog synthesis before joining Arturia.

C++Analog ElectronicsSynthesizer DesignHardware Design


I like listening to progressive metal, fusion jazz and synthwave when working: syncopated beats, meter changes and arpeggios do wonders for web development. 🤘

My favourite albums of the moment:

The Further Side, an album by Nova Collective
The Further Side - Nova Collective
Igneous, an album by Polynation
Igneous - Polynation
Vector, an album by Haken
Vector - Haken
Kid Velo, an album by Rival Consoles
Kid Velo - Rival Consoles
Epicloud, an album by Devin Townsend Project
Epicloud - Devin Townsend Project
Ziltoid Live, an album by Devin Townsend Project
Ziltoid Live - Devin Townsend Project
TRILOGY, an album by Carpenter Brut
TRILOGY - Carpenter Brut
Much Against Everyone's Advice, an album by Soulwax
Much Against Everyone's Advice - Soulwax
Superunknown, an album by Soundgarden
Superunknown - Soundgarden
More Albums

This website is open source, and was made with Next.js and ChakraUI, two of my current favourite techs.