François Best

Freelance Developer

Hi !

I’m a web developer interested in security and privacy in web technologies.

In this day and age of surveillance capitalism, I strongly believe we need more privacy-conscious decisions in the way we design, develop and market our digital products.

I'm currently working on end-to-end encrypted alternatives to various services. If you'd like to know more, drop me a line on Twitter !

I also love open-source, and have published a number of TypeScript packages for Node.js and the browser, on GitHub & NPM, at @47ng.

About me

  "name": "François Best",
  "description": "Freelance developer",
  "location": "(Nancy|Grenoble), France",
  "lang": [
  "contact": "mailto:[email protected]",
  "social": {
    "twitter": "",
    "DEV": "",
    "keybase": "",
    "github": [
  "work": {
    "company": "47ng",
    "role": "owner",
    "url": ""
  "projects": [
      "name": "Stravels",
      "description": "Share your travels from Strava",
      "url": ""