Reached 89 subscribers for the newsletter
Recorded my first tech talk online
Built and shipped Foggy in 24h, a micro-SaaS to get an OpenGraph image link from a Figma frame in one click.
Gained 500 followers on Twitter (1200 -> 1700)


Became a dad ❤️
Doubled my followers count on Twitter (600 -> 1200)
Shipped to private beta users. Collected 116k page views for 10 users.
Rebuilt this website with Next.js and ChakraUI, source on GitHub.


Started work on my first SaaS:, an end-to-end encrypted analytics platform.
Battled depression, anxiety, and burnout. Whoever reads this, take care of yourself.


Deleted Facebook. Because privacy matters.
Founded my first company (47ng) doing consulting & web development.

Goals for 2022

Goals for 2021

Here are the goals I tried to achieve in 2021. I made them public for accountability, though the experiment was far from a success. #FailInPublic

Writing & Sharing#

Building In The Open#